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Preventing type 2 diabetes in children

Tips on preventing type 2 diabetes in children, from Australian Diabetes Council exercise physiologist Bronwyn Penny.

Type 2 diabetes was commonly thought of as the kind of disease you develop when you get older. However, we now know this isn't the case. More young people and children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. With levels of physical inactivity, poor dietary habits and overweight and obesity spiralling out of control in our adult population, it's no surprise our children are following suit. The answer to the problem is to get our kids active and eating well from the beginning.

Our lifestyle habits, including taking part in physical activity and healthy eating, are established when we're children. As parents, grand parents or mentors, it's important to be active and to set a good example. Take the kids and head outdoors for family picnics, take the family on a bike ride around the parks and reserves in your local area, or simply enjoy some quality family time together and go for an evening walk.

Getting healthy together is the key to winning the battle.


Diabetes sees us as all the same, it doesn't care what age, race or gender we might be. The Australian Diabetes Council however, does care who we are and is there to create a shared voice for diabetes.

Australian Diabetes Council is Australia's oldest and largest not-for-profit organisation focused on providing support and services nationally and internationally to people living with and at risk of diabetes, their families, carers, friends and allied health professionals. To find out more, please contact 1300 342 238.

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